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Posted by Composite Advantage on May 13, 2020

QC checking a big partFiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is a highly versatile material which benefits a wide range of different industries. Finding the right manufacturer is a vital step in ensuring a project's success, particularly because FRP is frequently utilized in industries requiring an adherence to strict regulations and standards. This blog post will discuss the most important aspects to consider when selecting an FRP manufacturer for your project.


One of the biggest indicators of a quality FRP manufacturer is their experience level—the appropriate manufacturer will have the expertise and capabilities to properly fulfill the order with no mistakes or delays. This saves both time and money, and allows you to feel confident in the quality of the work that you're receiving.

What to Look for in an FRP Manufacturer

The best FRP manufacturers will have skilled teams full of individuals with experience in the industry. This makes it significantly easier to complete projects with the best results and ensures that the end result is fully optimized to your specific application. At Composite Advantage, and throughout the Creative Composites Group, we have assembled a team of engineers, designers, quality supervisors, skilled technicians and managers with countless combined years of experience developing FRP solutions. Our team understands target applications and makes recommendations to make sure each customer receives an ideal FRP product for their use case.

Not all FRP manufacturers have this expertise. It is important to ensure that a manufacturer can demonstrate an adequate level of experience to successfully meet the specifications of your project. For example, most FRP bridge projects require a manufacturer with at least 10 years of experience fabricating FRP bridge products for at least 10 different purposes. A manufacturer that can meet this minimum demonstrates an acceptable performance history.

On-Site Availability

When vetting an FRP manufacturer, find out if they have teams available for functions that may require an expert in the field. The majority of FRP products are prefabricated and ready for installation upon delivery. Ideally, an FRP manufacturer will send a technical representative to assist with the installation and answer any construction questions.

What to Look for in an FRP Manufacturer

Other examples of on-site tasks may include installation, maintenance, inspections, or modifications. Most general contractors aren’t experienced with FRP, so the ability to work on-site is a valuable service from an FRP manufacturer and can greatly contribute to the success of a project.

Standards & Certifications

The benefits of FRP are valuable to a wide range industry sectors; and many have strict regulations, such as infrastructure design and construction. Although current regulatory documents often do not address newer technologies, the underlying regulation still applies and must be adhered to. The most experienced FRP manufacturers are adept at working within regulatory requirements, and will understand how to demonstrate that their FRP designs are up to code.

What to Look for in an FRP Manufacturer

It is also important to choose a manufacturer with high standards of quality management. This ensures that they will be able to meet any and all specifications for your project. These specifications will require a submittal with the following information:

  • Manufacturer's qualification
  • Product data
  • Design calculations, generally stamped by an engineer
  • Shop drawings
  • Manufacturing plan
  • Safety data sheets
  • Samples
  • Test reports
  • Quality control plan

Composite Advantage Solutions

At Composite Advantage, we believe that actions speak louder than words—which is why we are able to demonstrate a consistent track record of problem solving, a high standard of service, and an ongoing commitment to meet and exceed all customer expectations. Our award-winning technology and innovative designs have generated quality FRP products for waterfront infrastructures, bridges, rail platforms, and more.

As one of the industry's leading suppliers of FRP composite materials, we understand that our customers require lower-cost products that provide high-performance results. As such, we focus heavily on offering products that are highly economical while still providing the standard of quality that we are known for. For more information about our products and services, contact us or request your quote today.


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