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Time Tested Structural FRP Pipe Piles for Waterfront Applications

Many structures and foundations use pre-fabricated pipe driven into the ground to transfer loads to a secure reaction location. The geometry of pipe pilings offers high structural properties while the hollow pipe makes installation easier. These pipes are hammered into the ground using specialized pile drivers or impact hammers and stay held in place by the surrounding soil. The design loads and the ground conditions all determine the length of the pile and depth into the ground.

Though typical pilings are composed of materials such as timber, steel and concrete, demand has increased for fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials. FRP consists of a corrosion resistant polymer reinforced with glass or carbon fibers. A long-lasting and dependable alternative to traditional materials, FRP composite pilings serve as primary elements in a variety of structures, including docks, marinas, ferry landings and waterfront fender protection systems.

FRP pipe pilings offer extreme versatility and overall cost-efficiency when chosen as the support option for any number of structural applications. The advantages of FRP pilings over traditional wood, steel and concrete pilings include:

Benefits of Structural FRP Pipe Pilings in Marine Applications

Optimal Support for Waterfront Infrastructure

FRP pipe pilings are an excellent choice for heavy load-bearing applications. Structures that bear large loads require a deep, reliable foundation and FRP composite can deliver on the support required for these types of pipe piles.

Excellent Energy Absorption

FRP composite combines high strength with sufficient flexibility to absorb vibrations and impacts better than traditional materials. Its low modulus and high strength properties reduce overall structural wear, especially in applications with elevated traffic and frequent vibration. 

Easy Customization

FRP composite comes pre-fabricated from specialized manufacturing facilities. The material’s formula and design can easily be tailored to suit the needs of your specific application, including exact load requirements, traffic, area, and environmental factors.

Cost Savings

FRP's lightweight nature allows for easier and less expensive installations in pile construction. Prefabricated in a dedicated facility, FRP piles endure thorough tests and inspections to guarantee optimal structural support, thereby reducing the potential for costly repairs and replacements. In addition, FRP piles are easily transported and installed, which ensures easy integration of into existing construction with minimal replacement costs. 

Extreme Weather Protection & Durability

StormStrong weather protection are manufactured to ensure that your infrastructure is protected by our engineered structural FRP products. Highly corrosion-resistant, FRP composite retains exceptional durability when compared with more traditional materials. Unreactive to moisture or corrosive chemicals, it’s well-suited for use in marine environments. FRP's impervious nature and extreme durability significantly extend the lifetime of the pile in heavy-use marine environments.

Lightweight Strength

Because FRP composite is much lighter than steel, concrete and wood, the material proves easier to manufacture, transport and install. Its strength-to-weight ratio ensures optimal support at a fraction of the weight of traditional materials, making it particularly useful for large diameter pipe that is otherwise exceedingly heavy and difficult to maneuver.


Unlike wood, steel and concrete, FRP is an environmentally safe material. Because of its chemical inertness, FRP does not release harmful chemicals into the environment. In fact, FRP has been accepted as an environmentally safe, non-polluting material by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).


FRP Marine Pipe Piling Products


FiberPile consists of high-strength, directional fiberglass within an extremely corrosion-resistant resin. This make-up allows for an exceptionally strong, maintenance-free piling, ideal for withstanding impacts and corrosion on piers and other marine structures.

Available for manufacturing in diameters from 24 to 72 inches and in continuous lengths up to 110 feet, FiberPILE provides designers the flexibility for optimizing their protection while keeping installation costs low. Composite Advantage's vacuum infusion process ensures consistent and reliable production of structurally sound piles, easily modified to meet the particular needs of your application.


SuperPile® pushes durability to the next level, with electrical-grade fiberglass and high-impact, high-strength polyurethane resin. This material provides an exceptionally strong pipe with excellent corrosion resistance, meaning fiberglass pipe piles will not rust, rot, corrode or spall. Furthermore, SuperPile® pipes can be manufactured in smaller diameters and at high production rates.

CCG has developed ideal high-strength, reliable FRP pipe piles for the full spectrum of industry-standards and construction needs.

FiberPile large diameter piles are available in a wide range of thicknesses and diameters:

  • Standard OD come as 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48”
  • Piles can be customized for any OD between 18” and 72”
  • Typical wall thickness is ½” to 1.5”
  • Customizable walls range from ½” to 2”

The SuperPile® is supplied come in specific diameters and wall thicknesses:

  • 10" OD with 3/8" wall
  • 12” OD with 3/8” or ½” wall
  • 16” OD with ½” wall

No matter the specifics of the application, our FRP pipe piles serve as a versatile option for a broad range of applications in pile construction.

Additional Pipe Piling Applications

Delray #1

Superior to traditional concrete, steel, and wood pilings, FRP pipe pilings offer more benefits when it comes to strength, weight, durability, and corrosion resistance. They can withstand a broad range of environmental and operating conditions that traditionally damage and impair other materials.

Common applications that benefit from FRP pipe pilings include:

  • Pier fender systems. Large diameter pilings and whale beams composed of FRP can endure impacts from ships and barges. FRP exhibits the strength of steel but provides a greater level of flexibility for optimal energy absorption in pier fender systems.
  • Breasting dolphins. Composite Advantage offers specialized FiberPILE breasting dolphins or structures for ship berthing and mooring. These new FiberPILE structures replace grouped timber piles with one sturdy composite pile while retaining optimal structural reliability.
  • Guide walls and slip walls. The flexibility of FRP FiberPILES allows for energy absorption in the event of impact with guide walls and slip walls, for a more reliable and durable structure. These walls bend and recover without breaking, thereby reducing any overall ongoing maintenance for the owner or risk to passengers and vessels.

Why Work With Creative Composites Group

Creative Composites Group combines the innovative approaches of both Composite Advantage and Creative Pultrusions to provide a comprehensive range of FRP pipe pilings to meet your construction needs. Our combined FiberPILE and SUPERPILE product lines offer an extensive range of sizes and materials to benefit any piling project. We also provide the design of fenders and dolphins using our pipe piles. To learn more about our piling products and services, contact us today.

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