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Location: Northeastern U.S.

Project: Aquaculture Emergency Repair

Service: Emergency Services

Overview:  When the Kenway Composites emergency services team received an urgent call from a long-time aquaculture client, we knew we had to act fast. It was crucial to act fast due to a catastrophic failure of a critical component in their system which removes carbon dioxide from water. Without this component, their fish would not survive.

The component’s structural supports failed, causing the unit to drop into the bottom of the vessel, leaving the component unable to function. When our crew arrived, we discovered a lack of access for rigging to get the device back into position. As a result, we fabricated and installed new brackets, and reattached the component. Our customer was back up and running before anything harmed the fish.

Kenway receives many phone calls for composites emergency services, just like this one. Our customers know we respond at any time of day, any day of the year. Our top priority is to keep our customers up and running safely.