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    Gregg Blaszak, P.E. is a civil/structural engineer experienced in design, specification and construction of FRP on heavy/civil infrastructure projects. He is a leading expert on strengthening/retrofitting concrete structures with carbon fiber materials, and chaired some committees responsible for developing design/construction guidelines. After earning a BS in Aeronautical Engineering, Gregg returned to the University of Illinois to earn an MS in Civil Engineering. He helped design several award-winning bridge projects before focusing exclusively on FRP applications where he worked with some top manufacturers in several roles (engineering consultant, contractor, and manufacturer/distributor). With this background, he understands their needs and objectives.

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    January 13, 2022

    Building Better Pathways with Cantilever Sidewalks!

    Clinton Township, a community northeast of Detroit, is proud of its network of pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths. Connecting the Civic Center area trails on the west side of the river to the trails near George George Park on...

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    Topics: cantilever sidewalks, FRP Composites

    November 18, 2021

    FRP Gets The “All Clear” Signal From The Mass Transit Industry – A Case Study

    As part of the MBTA’s capital plan, the Silver Line 3 through Chelsea, Massachusetts saw major improvements. In 2019, we were tapped to install an FRP three level switchback ramp at Chelsea’s Bellingham Square Station. The new...

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    Topics: Rail Platforms, FRP Composites

    August 13, 2021

    FRP Cantilevered Sidewalks Give Bicyclists & Pedestrians Safe Passage

    Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) cantilevered sidewalks featuring pultruded or vacuum infused deck panels offer a great lightweight solution when it comes to adding or expanding pedestrian access alongside an existing vehicle...

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    Topics: cantilever sidewalks, FRP

    May 19, 2021

    Cleveland Rocks New FRP Pedestrian Draw Bridge

    Cleveland, Ohio was founded in 1796 by the Connecticut Land Company. In 1895, the Cleveland Yachting Club (CYC) built docks and a clubhouse on the city’s Lake Erie shoreline. At the time, East 9th Street stopped at the railroad...

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    Topics: pedestrian bridge decks, FRP

    September 24, 2020

    The “Slab vs Double Tee” Question

    Slab or double tee? If you are considering replacing your deteriorated rail platform or constructing a new one with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) rail platforms, it’s a good question. Composite Advantage FRP rail platforms are...

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    Topics: Rail Platforms, double tee, frp slab

    September 03, 2020

    Fast Tracking Your Rail Platform

    Fast installation has become the catchphrase that captures people’s attention when we talk to customers about choosing a FiberSPAN rail platform. But I have to back up for a minute and tell you that it also takes time for new...

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    Topics: Rail Platforms, FRP, double tee

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