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    Jan 15, 2020

    2020: The Year Of FRP Composites

    Recent forecast reports show that product performance requirements, cost thresholds and customer demand are driving a growing number of industries—from aerospace, automotive and consumer to marine, infrastructure and rail—to...

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    Topics: pedestrian bridges, lake tahoe

    Jun 13, 2019

    Tales of Tahoe: Installing the Tahoe Bridge

    We are excited to be wrapping up our Tahoe pedestrian bridge project saga after almost two years. The project is almost completed with plans to be open the 28th of June. Even though the installation process has proved to be a...

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    Topics: trail bridges, lake tahoe

    May 22, 2019

    Tahoe Shared-Use Path: Numbers Do Tell a Story

    In the 2005 crime drama Numb3rs, a mathematician uses equations to help the F.B.I. solve crimes. While the TV series was fictional, people “do the math” every day from cooking to balancing a checking account and computing...

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    Topics: lake tahoe, shared use path

    Feb 13, 2019

    Rugged Design For Tahoe’s Rocky Shoreline

    In our last blog, we talked about the unique challenges faced by the Nevada Department of Transportation’s (NDOT) State Route 28 Shared-Use Path project. Miles of undeveloped, pristine, rocky shoreline also pushed the envelope...

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    Topics: vehicle bridges, lake tahoe

    Feb 6, 2019

    FRP Right Fit for Shared-use Path on Lake Tahoe's Rocky Shoreline

    Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites have been adopted as a mainstream construction material, particularly in structural strengthening applications, pedestrian bridges and rebar. For most FRP bridge applications, the steel...

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    Topics: vehicle bridges, FRP, lake tahoe

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