Posted by Shane Weyant on June 14, 2022

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Peanut butter and jelly, football and tailgating – some things are just better together. We are proud to be celebrating one year of the union of Creative Pultrusions, Inc., E.T. Techtonics, Kenway Composites, Tower Tech and Composites Advantage under the Creative Composites Group brand. We are definitely better together.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. gained E.T. Techtonics’ expertise in fiberglass bridges (2016), Kenway Composites’ filament winding and hand layup processes (2017), Tower Tech’s Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) cooling towers (2017) and Composite Advantage’s infusion molding savvy (2018). This created the unified super-brand that we have worked so hard to build over the years with our approach of developing and marketing highly engineered systems for structural applications. These companies solidified this approach with the Group’s position as the leading supplier of FRP composite products in many markets including bridges, waterfront, utilities, rail, cooling towers and standard structural profiles.

But unity takes hard work. We were combining five brands, five cultures, five systems, five staffs and five geographies. Everyone had to make difficult sacrifices. I had worked under the Creative Pultrusions brand for decades, and I know I speak for all the CCG brands in saying: it wasn’t easy to let go. But the sting of loss from these sacrifices is so much less intense than the pride and growth we’ve experienced over this last year as CCG.

Creative Composites Group is proud that, even amidst the current supply-chain squeeze, we have kept our customers satisfied both by having supply on-hand and by clearly communicating about prices and lead times. And CCG is so blessed to have kept every single worker on-staff during the height of national pandemic layoffs. I credit this to a quality shared by our companies, our products and our people: resiliency.

Uniting all five brands was possible due to the core values of creativity, accountability and a strong work ethic. And if I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that Creative Composites Group sets the bar high for resiliency and that the future holds amazing things for CCG.

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