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    Fender Protection and Piling

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    FRP large diameter pilings and wale beams are the ideal solution for fender protection systems designed to withstand high energy impacts from both barges and ships. The enabling technology is our FiberPILE product. The FRP piles offer the strength of steel, but a much lower bending stiffness which allows for far greater energy absorption than traditional materials. Unlike rigid concrete and steel fender systems, the FRP system is designed to deflect and then recover, without damaging either the vessel or the fender. Our guide wall systems are perfect for high-energy ferry terminals and slip wall systems. Our large diameter piles mean fewer piles are needed, reducing installation costs. When you factor in the corrosion resistant nature of the FRP materials, these FRP fender protection systems are the most cost effective solution. 

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    Fender Protection

    Jacksonville, FL 
    Guide Walls


    Newport News, VA

    First 3 Highrise trucks

    Chesapeake, VA

    2. Splice pile sections

    Portsmouth, VA  FRP Pilings


    Cape May, NJ      FRP Fenders

    Approach to terminal with the Dolphins as the guides

    James River, VA    Pilings

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