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    Aug 4, 2020

    FRP Composite Decking Installation

    Given the demanding structural loads of the bridges and rail platforms where Composite Advantage’s fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) FiberSPAN™ deck panels are used, our decking is engineered to meet specific requirements suited to...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, FRP, Installation

    Dec 11, 2019

    FRP Decks for Movable Vehicle Bridges

    Over the past 15 years, Composite Advantage has manufactured fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) decking for bridges of all kinds. From simple footbridges in National Parks to multi-lane vehicle bridges in major metropolitan areas, if...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, vehicle bridges, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, FRP

    Nov 13, 2019

    FRP Pedestrian Bridge Products: When and Why They Help

    A recent rise in health and environmental consciousness has led many people to begin walking and biking in lieu of driving their cars. Whether pedestrians are commuting or are out for a leisurely walk, their safety relies on an...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, pedestrian bridges, pedestrian bridge decks, frp bridge, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, FRP

    Sep 18, 2019

    FRP Solutions for Pedestrian/Cantilever Bikeways

    Walking and biking have seen a resurgence in popularity. Many commuters are turning their commutes into an opportunity to stay active while reducing their impact on the environment. This increase in walking and biking requires a...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, cantilever sidewalks, pedestrian bridge decks

    Aug 7, 2019

    FRP Panels and Functional Rail Platforms

    Rail platforms play several important functions in the transportation industry. They must safely withstand high volumes of foot traffic, as well as other loads. They also need to be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, Rail Platforms, FRP Rail Platforms, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer, FRP, Weight, Corrosion and Maintenance, Slab Decking, Tee Stiffened Panels, Custom Panels

    May 23, 2018

    A Bridge to Remember (And Last) for a Long Time

    The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge opened earlier this month just in time to welcome Memorial Day traffic. Like silent film star Lon Chaney who was called the man of a thousand faces, you might say the lift-span that carries Route 1...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, frp bridge

    Mar 23, 2016

    Spring Cleaning To Do List: Bridge Rehab – Check

    This month Hillside Pedestrian Bridge in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park got a spring makeover just in time to reopen the span to visitors anxious to leave winter behind and enjoy the outdoors again. But this isn’t the first...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, bridges, trails, FRP bridge deck, bridge decks

    Dec 16, 2015

    How An Ugly Duckling Bridge Emerged A Swan

    The wrong choice of apparel can land a celebrity on any number of "worst dressed" lists. When a bridge earns a place on uglybridges.com (yes, that's a real site), the reason has more to do with its condition than outward...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, cantilever sidewalks, FRP Composites

    Sep 30, 2015

    Don't Forget the Shipping: Why Delivery Matters in Design

    How big can a Composite Advantage molded-part get? I hear this question a lot. The easy answer is, "pretty big." The vacuum infusion process is used for large yacht hulls, giant wind turbine blades and everything in between. But...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, submarine camels

    Aug 31, 2015

    Disruptive Technology: Coming to a Trail Near You

    Car-to-car communication, 3-D printing, social robots and “sense and avoid” drones all sound a bit like science fiction. The media is calling these 2015 headliners “disruptive” technologies or innovations. These terms, however,...

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    Topics: FiberSPAN, trail bridges, disruptive technology, rails-to-trails, cantilever sidewalks