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    Custom Molding and OEM Product Manufacturing

    Do you have a composite product that you need manufactured?

    CA supplies molded parts for OEM customers to enable their products and systems to perform best in class. These products are molded using our vacuum infusion process to attain high strength, complex shape or large size. We offer manufacturing of both panels and assembled products for small, medium or large production quantities. CA will build-to-print or provide detail design of the parts when requested.

    Material and Manufacturing Information 

    Product Examples

    • FiberMax Crane Pads
      Crane PadFRP crane pads weigh 60 percent less than standard steel crane pads, making set-up and tear-down fast and easy. FiberMax crane pads also offer a service life of over 20 years. These pads are sold and distributed by DICA
    • Frac Tanks
      Frac Tank-1Light weight composite panels provide strong and durable water holding tanks that greatly reduce mobilization costs. Sandwich panel construction results in superior heat insulation.
    • Temporary Road Mat
      Temp Road Mat-1These FRP mats allow heavy equipment to travel over different types of terrain and protect buried pipelines. FRP mats will bend, but not break like wood, and will return to their original shape and not permanently yield like steel.  


    Photos of Other Custom & OEM Parts

    Internal Box
    Chemical Facility Roof Panels
    FRP Crush Block
    Tan Shelter
    Multi shape shells





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