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    FRP: The Ultimate Material for Bridge Decks


    Over the years, designers, users and owners look to new materials to solve problems and improve products. Two examples on the extreme ends of the product spectrum are ladders and airplanes. In both cases, the first materials used were wood. To address the need for lighter weight and longer life, designers moved to aluminum. The past decade has seen the material evolution transition to Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP). 

    wooden ladder.jpg alum ladder.jpg frp ladder.jpg
    wooden plane.png alum plane.png frp plane.png

    The same evolution applies to bridges. Bridges and decks were wood. Aluminum has been used for the past two decades, mostly for marine docks and gangways in southern coastal areas. Now, FRP has earned its place as the material of choice. It's lighter in weight than aluminum and has better corrosion resistance. FRP offers better aesthetics since it's available in a range of colors and non-slip surfaces. 

     alumbridge.jpg imageedit_2_6341854538.jpg