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Learn more about the pultrusion process by reading one of our white papers.

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Technical Papers
  • 5th Percentile Design Strength Value Development for Pultruded Crossarms - Download
  • Development of Design Properties for the Series 1580 Seawall Profile - Download
  • 5th Percentile Strength Values Development In Support of the Creative Pultrusions, Inc. Composite Utility Pole Brochure - Download
  • The Behavior of Structural FRP Columns and a Design Guide for Practical Applications - Download
  • Development of Design Equations and Guidelines for Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Channel Sections - Download
  • Fabrication and Installation of Modular FRP Composite Bridge Deck - Download
  • Fatigue and Failure Evaluation of Modular FRP Composite Bridge Deck - Download
  • Inspection of Pultruded Cooling Tower Components - Download
  • An Investigation of Pin Bearing Strength on Composite Materials - Download
  • Load Test Evaluation of FRP Composite Columns - Download
  • Polyurethane Pultrusion Application Successes with Large Profiles - Download
  • Step-by-Step Engineering Design Equations for Fiber-reinforced Plastic Beams for Transportation Structures - Download
  • Step-by-Step Engineering Design Equations for FRP Structural Beams - Download
  • Modular Composite Deck System for Bridge Construction and Replacement - Download

Pultex® Pultrusion Design Manual

Review the Pultex® Pultrusion Design Manual for specific engineering design information on all of our structural profiles.

Download the Pultex® Pultrusion Design Manual

Visual Requirements Guide

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. has created a Standard Minimum Visual Requirements Guide based on ASTM D4385-19.

This guide details all known defects by description and allowable limits and is intended for all Standard Structural Profiles. The Quality Assurance Sheet for each profile will provide the requirements unique to a particular profile.

Please reference the document below and contact Michael Gassler, LEAN/ISO Manager with any questions.

Quality Assurance Documents
  • Standard Minimum Visual Requirements Guide Based on ASTM D4385-19 - Download

Pedestrian Bridge Specification

FRP truss bridges have been standardized in an AASHTO specification since 2008.

  • For the AASHTO Prefabricated Bridge Guide Specifications for Design of FRP Pedestrian Bridges First Edition, download the pdf.
  • For bridges not needing to include the AASHTO vehicle loads, a similar specification can be used.  For the FRP Prefabricated Bridge Specification using Allowable Stress Design (ASD), download the pdf.