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Pultruded Fiberglass Channels

"Creative Pultrusions worked with me on the development of a series of structural fiberglass channels that were installed as louver panels on an ultra-modern home in Charleston, SC. These moveable louvers were designed to be adjusted for privacy and shade, but also for a unique aesthetic. They are balanced on two-track systems that the homeowner can open and close based on which balconies he wants to use at a given time and each panel is made up of two 3" pultruded fiberglass tubes with 90° FRP angle brackets. The sales and technical teams were readily available to answer any questions that popped up, such suggesting an adhesive to hold this large, multi-level system together. A design like this had never been done before in Charleston, so having a team involved like Creative Pultrusions with superior product quality and customer service made this large undertaking much more manageable. I expect this product will last significantly longer than most traditional materials would and will recommend these products for future projects."

~ Andy Meihaus
Renew Urban Charleston LLC