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VA DOT Fender Rehabilitation Project - Fiberglass Pipe Piles

"Not only did Creative Supply a quality product at a fair price, they stood behind us through the entire project. The engineering team at CPI made my life easier and saved us money in the process."

~Brad Gribble
Crofton Industries

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (CPI) teamed with Crofton Industries to supply 16" diameter Fiberglass Pipe Piles for the construction of a bridge pier fender system for Virginia DOT. The project involved value engineering the Fiberglass Pipe Piles into the project. The value engineering process required a full Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA), full section testing and the verification of material properties and energy absorption capabilities of the Pultruded FRP SUPERPILE. The 116 piles were utilized to replace a deteriorated wood fender system that had succumbed to the harsh marine environment.

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