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    Jun 20, 2018

    Santiago Calatrava: The man behind the bridges

    Behind every bridge there are countless individuals who help to design, plan and build the finished product. Some of these designers have left a memorable mark on the world of architecture. Bridges serve as paths between two...

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    Topics: pedestrian bridges, cantilever sidewalks, steel bridge, vehicle bridges, historic bridges

    May 30, 2018

    Maintaining Balance: FRP Strikes Right Note With Old, Historic Bridges

    Bridges are often the topic of noteworthy lists due to some characteristic that sets them apart. For example, the oldest surviving roadway bridge is Northeast Philadelphia’s Frankford Avenue Bridge erected in 1697. The Chesapeake...

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    Topics: FRP Composites, vehicle bridges, frp bridge

    Jun 14, 2017

    Sarah Long Bridge for the Next Century

    The states of Maine and New Hampshire started a project called the “Three Bridge Agreement” in 2011. The project addresses the three bridges that the two states jointly own, including the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge. As part of the...

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    Topics: vehicle bridges, wind fairings

    Jun 7, 2017

    Lift Bridge with Long History of Service

    Since 1940, the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge has provided a link between the states of Maine and New Hampshire. The bridge was a project undertaken by the then-newly formed Maine-New Hampshire Interstate Bridge Authority. The...

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    Topics: vehicle bridges, historic bridges

    May 24, 2017

    Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Why We Use Wind Fairings

    November 7th, 1940 is a day that changed the course of bridge engineering (as well as the study of aerodynamics) forever. That day, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Tacoma, Washington began to sway violently. A physical phenomenon...

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    Topics: vehicle bridges, wind fairings

    May 11, 2017

    Rocks Village Bridge Swings Open

    Last week I was in the South Boston area participating in a final inspection of a high-end pedestrian bridge that will be opening in the next month.

    Anytime that I'm near bridge decks we've previously installed, I make it a point...

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    Topics: Rocks Village, vehicle bridges, swing span

    Dec 21, 2016

    The Year in Review on the Brink of a New One

    As one year comes to a close to make room for a brand new one, it's human nature to stop and take a moment to review. Let's dive in.

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    Topics: pedestrian bridges, waterfront infrastructure, vehicle bridges, Composite Advantage

    Dec 8, 2016

    Bluffs, Sea And Sky: A Look At Big Sur’s ‘Golden Gate Bridge’

    As a Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer bridge and bridge deck fabricator, I’m always interested in taking a look at the work of others when travel takes me to an interesting location like California’s Big Sur. The 90-mile stretch of...

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    Topics: vehicle bridges, Bixby Bridge

    Jan 29, 2016

    U.S. Bridges: Good News and Bad News

    Shall we start with the bad news?

    The Bad News

    Every four years The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issues a report card on the condition and performance of the nation’s infrastructure. We’ll have to wait another year...

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    Topics: bridges, Infrastructure, vehicle bridges